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Pit Posse Tire Stand/Bead Breaker
Purchase Pit Posse Tire Stand/Bead Breaker
  • SKU: PP2905

    Pit Posse Tire Stand/Bead Breaker

  • 7 Reviews

    Price:  $112.95 Your Price:  $101.65

  • 9+ available for immediate delivery
  • Makes tire changing a breeze
  • Great for shop or portable enough for track use
  • Fits most all motorcycle wheels
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Long handle for maximum force to break through the toughest beads
  • Solid wide base makes for solid foundation during use
  • Adjustable bead popper
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes to mount on floor or work bench if desired
  • Black powder coated & zinc plated for years of use
  • Center post with wing nut keeps rim rocked down during procedure
  • 5 year warranty
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4.43/5 Stars out of 7 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
Totally worked for me. Doesn't do the work for...
| June 4th, 2019
Totally worked for me. Doesn't do the work for you but speeds the job up 100%.
Verified Buyer
While I'm generally happy with the quality of the materials
| April 10th, 2019
I just finished putting this tool together. While I'm generally happy with the quality of the materials, there is some immediate room for improvement. I'll start with the good. I think this tool will be plenty well built enough for me to use at home. I don't know that I'd use this in a shop for long, but it should do for home use. The rubberized surface where the rim will sit is a nice, quality touch. For the bad, as others have mentioned, there are no instructions. I suspect most folks who are ordering this probably do enough mechanical stuff that they can figure it out. Still, a parts list and a general idea of what goes where would be nice, if for no other reason than to make sure you're not missing anything when you receive your new tool. Then, putting mine together was also a bit of a trick (to be nice about it). Mainly, I'm talking about the "L" shaped bar that goes across the bottom of the tool and supports the breaker handle. That part bolts to the bottom of the round portion of the tool, using 3 - 8mm cap screws. Those cap screws have to be inserted through a slightly larger hole at the top of the square "L" bar and threaded into the round, bottom part. Do yourself a favor and invest in a pen magnet now, because you will drop at least one of the screws and have to fish it back out. The really fun part, though, was the fact that the 3 holes for the 3 screws did not line up at all on my unit. I basically had to loosely put the two screws closest to the handle in first, then use a ratchet strap to pull the other end to where I could line up the 3rd screw/hole. I could have used a 3rd hand at that point, but finally got it put together and snugged it down. Oh, and if you think you can use your t-handle hex driver or a hex driver on a ratchet extension, you probably can't. The whole in the top of the bar was too small to fit my socket and the upper circle that supports the rim is in the way of using a longer hex head (Allen) wrench. Overall I think I'll be happy with this purchase, once I have a beer or two after assembly.
Weight: 20.15 lb
Brand: Pit Posse
Warranty: Lifetime
Warning: Cancer and Reproduction Harm -