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Outlaw Racing Piston Ring Set
Purchase Outlaw Racing Piston Ring Set
  • SKU: OR_Piston_Ring_Set

    Outlaw Racing Piston Ring Set

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  • Outlaw Racing Piston replacement rings are precision machined to Japanese Specifications.
  • Using the best material available these rings possess excellent wear resistance and provide a gas-tight seal using a chrome, phosphate, or nitride coating.
  • Rings are designed for use with standard bore or oversize bore for Outlaw, Namura or OEM pistons, unless noted otherwise.
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Weight: 0.00 lb
Height: in
Width: in
Length: in
Size: 53.94-53.96mm 53.96-53.98mm 66.34-66.37mm 66.34-66.36mm 77.96-77.98mm 76.80-76.82mm 95.97-95.99mm 39.00mm 46.97mm 47.43-47.46mm 46.94-46.97mm 54.19-54.21mm 52.44-52.46mm 48.45-48.47mm 52.44mm 76.95-76.97mm 66.35-66.37mm 76.94-76.97mm 95.95mm 44.45-44.47mm 42.95-42.97mm 47.95-47.97mm 47.94-47.96 76.96-77.02mm 95.46-95.48mm 95.95-95.97mm 66.94-66.96mm 40.96mm 39.96mm 55.95mm 67.94-67.96mm 96.95-96.97mm 39.46-39.48mm 44.96-44.98mm 43.46-43.48mm 63.94-63.96mm 55.94-55.96mm 71.94-71.96mm 67.44-67.46mm 94.94-94.96mm 75.96-75.98mm 87.96mm 96.93-96.95mm 51.93-51.95mm 89.96mm 86.47-86.48mm 85.97mm 73.95mm 84.97mm 78.46mm 91.96-91.97mm 99.97mm 01.97mm 68.45mm 93.97mm 95.96-95.98mm 75.95mm 66.97mm 68.97mm 72.70mm 79.98mm 79.96mm 81.96mm 84.95-84.97mm 65.97mm 68.47mm 89.96-89.98mm 01.96mm 03.96mm 87.45-87.47mm 49.96mm 57.97mm 63.94-63.95mm 65.92-65.94mm 82.95-83mm 95mm 84.42mm 94.95-94.97mm 84.45mm 101.97-101.99mm 70.95mm 49mm 46.96mm 71.96mm 79.95mm 82.94mm 74.47mm 91.97mm 99.15mm 51.96mm 96.57mm 86.93mm 77.70mm 46.98mm
Brand: Outlaw Racing
Warranty: None
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Warning: Cancer and Reproduction Harm -