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Pit Posse Hose Bender
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  • SKU: PP3343

    Pit Posse Hose Bender

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The Pit Posse Hose Bender is designed to make filling the fuel tank of your bike easier and reduce the risk of spilling. Simple to use and reduces the amount of waste caused from unintentional spills. To use: Clip the Pit Posse hose bender onto the filler hose of your utility jug with a 1-inch diameter hose-The plastic attachment forces the flexible filler hose to bend your hose at a 30-degree angle for a smooth and effortless pour. A full utility jug can weigh around 35 pounds and can be a hassle lifting almost 4 feet off the ground when your bike is on a stand causing wasted fluids and a mess to clean up! Our hose bender allows you to simply clip and pour without the hassle. Please Note??: The Pit Posse Hose Bender will only work on new or still-flexible gas can hoses. If you have an old, stiff, yellowed filler hose, it wonÂ’t bend. It also only works on 1-inch-diameter hoses.
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Weight: 0.10 lb
Height: 1 in
Width: 1.2 in
Length: 4.5 in
Brand: Pit Posse
Warranty: 1 Year
Cross Reference:
Warning: Cancer and Reproduction Harm -