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Pit Posse Pocket Wheel Balancer Kit
Purchase Pit Posse Pocket Wheel Balancer Kit
  • SKU: PP2903

    Pit Posse Pocket Wheel Balancer Kit

  • 31 Reviews

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  • This unique affordable tool is great to travel with in your tool box or at home
  • Will work anywhere you have a flat surface
  • CNC machined billet aluminum cones to hold the wheel
  • 12mm steel rod grinded to a perfect smoothness and heat treated
  • CNC machined bearing holders allows for sensitiveness of 5g
  • Mounting plates measure 2- 1/2 inches x 2- 1/4
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4.74/5 Stars out of 31 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
A Great Value
| June 12th, 2020
This is the best way as a do-it-at-home mechanic, to balance your motorcycles wheels. <br>The original unit arrived damaged with a bent axle shaft. I called Pit Posse direct and they replaced it promptly. <br>This thing has an advantage over most other types of balancers in that it takes up little space when not being used. <br>Most everyone has a pair of jackstands that they can use with this.
Verified Buyer
Some tweaks needed out of the box
| May 17th, 2020
The washers holding the bearings are stamped and because of this, one side is flat while the other has a raised ring around the outside diameter. I had to flip all of the washers so the flat side was against the bearing. Then the bearings roll with ease.
Verified Buyer
Worked, just took extra time and effort
| February 29th, 2020
For the price I expected some difficulties using this to balance my wheel. As others have stated, the bearings where a bit over packed with grease so I soaked them in solvent and regreased them, which did help. The rod quality was subpar. Overall I believe I have my wheel balanced it just took extra time and effort to use this product. In retrospect I probably should've not cheaped out and bought a balancer with a stand, but hindsight is 20-20.
Verified Buyer
Four Stars
| November 9th, 2019
Good product for the money!
Verified Buyer
Works well - AFTER cleaning the bearings and re-lubricating them..
| July 14th, 2019
Works great using two wooden kitchen chairs as side stands. Balanced both my front and rear Enduro wheels. BUT- Before using you MUST soak the bearings in a solvent to remove the gum and gritty feel. These are metal shielded bearings, and they are not of highest quality. But after soaking and spinning to get rid of any old lubricant, then soak and spin them with fresh oil, any light lubrication oil will work (I used Boeshield T-9). After this, they are extremely smooth and the balancing is perfect. The center shaft was straight, no issues, and the cone adapters also worked. Each cone adapter has a setscrew for snugging onto the shaft, there are also two O-rings, they are for keeping it together in the box I assume, because they will not be good for holding the adapters on the shaft when balancing, that's what the setscrews are for.
Weight: 2.35 lb
Brand: Pit Posse
Warranty: Lifetime
Warning: Cancer and Reproduction Harm -